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What is a CloudPress Campaign?

A CloudPress Campaign is a pre-designed marketing automation sequence built to integrate quickly and easily into a CloudPress page.

CloudPress Campaigns are only available to CloudPress subscribers – we are only able to provide this service at such low cost because we manage all aspects of the environment it is installed on.

Can’t decide which one to choose?  You can purchase multiple CloudPress Campaigns for a single CloudPress page, allowing you to combine and chain their functionality together!

How It Works...


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Pick from any of our growing library of campaign options.

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Just fill out the form and we set up the campaign for you.

One Low Price

All campaigns have the same low one time cost of only $79!

Introducing CloudPress Academy


CloudPress Academy will combine ALL of our CloudPress Campaigns with our new Quasar powered CloudPress Pro platform to demonstrate the possibilities and potential for repurposing online marketing and advertising tools for online education and training instead!


We are currently developing a free online course to demonstrate the CloudPress Academy platform in action.  If you would like to be one of the first to try this new course and experience this new platform when it becomes available, just fill out the form to get notified!


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